What is Drum Sand in Dune?

Drum sand is a fictional concept that appears in the science fiction franchise Dune. This special type of sound-emitting sand is first mentioned in the original novel written by Frank Herbert. In the fictional universe of "Dune," drum sand is a type of sand that produces a deep, resonant sound…


What is Sand? From Mystical Properties to Building Material

Sand is a loose, granular material made up of small particles of rock and minerals. It is typically found on beaches, in deserts, and along rivers and streams. Sand has always held great fascination in people and historically was even considered as having mystical properties. It is what the "sandman"…


Is There a Beach With Blue Sand?

Sand is the result of erosion of a rock and it may come in different colors depending on what type of mineral is made of: there is of course yellow sand in most beaches, orange and red sand in the desert, but also white sand made of gypsum and black…


Haeundae Sand Festival returns to Busan in May 2023

The Haeundae Sand Festival is set to return to Busan's picturesque Haeundae Beach in the early days of summer, marking the unofficial start of beach season in South Korea. Known for being the only sand-related eco-festival in the country, the festival has become a summertime staple for visitors and locals…


White & Black Sand Beaches in USA

Looking for the most beautiful white sandy beaches in USA? Every year Stephen Leatherman, also known "Dr. Beach", professor and director of the Coastal Research Laboratory at Florida International University in Miami, ranks the best beaches of the year, all around the US from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.…


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