Photo courtesy of criativopippa.

Best wax for sandboarding and sand dune sledding

There are not a lot of waxes specifically made for sandboards out there, and people often rely on hot-weather surfboard wax instead. The most ideal type of wax that you are going to need depends on the materials of your board, most commercial all-purpose waxes are paraffin based. We recommend…

Sandboard covered in sand
Sandboard buried in sand. Photo courtesy of Jack Soley.

Sandboard wax for dune surfing and sledding

Unlike snowboards, sandboarding boards and sleds require special care in the form of regular waxing before and after each ride. Because of the high friction when sliding down sand dunes, wax needs to be (re-)applied after each and every riding session. Luckily, this type of wax is widely commercially available…


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