sandboarding at the Bruneau Sand Dunes in Idaho
TJ Bliss sandboarding at the Bruneau Sand Dunes in Idaho. Photo courtesy of Frank Schulenburg.

Sandboarding and Sand Sledding in Idaho

The sand dunes of Idaho serve as an immense playground for sandboarders and adventure seekers in the United States. The main sandboarding destination in Idaho is Bruneau Dunes State Park, whereas the St. Anthony Sand Dunes near Rexburg are also popular for sand surfing and sand sledding. Boards are available…


Where to go sandboarding in the US

The popularity of sandboarding and related sports has boomed in recent years and there are now many opportunities to practice the thrilling activity of sand dune surfing across the United States. As a matter of fact, some of the best sand dunes and sport facilities for dune boarding are located…

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