Sandboarding in Mexico City

El Arenal is a unique sandboarding spot in Mexico City, located within the borders of a large urban area rather than in a desert. The "dune" is actually a hill made of volcanic ashes from the nearby volcano Xitle, and the sand granules are dark and porous, making the experience similar to volcano boarding.

Dunas de Bani
Dunas de Bani, Las Calderas, Dominican Republic.

Sandboarding in the Dominican Republic

It will be hard to find a desert in the Caribbeans but you can still have fun riding the sand on some coastal dunes in the Dominican Republic. Sandboarding is practiced at the Dunas de Baní in the Peravia province, on the southern shore of the country. These dunes are…

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Active dunes in Samalayuca, Mexico
Samalayuca Sand Dunes. Photo courtesy of Giulian Frisoni.

Sandboarding in Mexico

Sandboarding is growing in popularity all over Mexico, a country with many incredible deserts that cover more than half of its territory, and offers many stunning locations where sand surfing and dune sledding are practiced. The country of Mexico - like much of South America - has also become quite…

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Carcross Desert Sand Dunes Canada
Carcross Desert, Yukon, Canada. Photo courtesy of Diego Delso. CC-BY-SA

Sandboarding in Canada

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about Canada is probably, well… snow. What may be surprising is that there are actually a few deserts and sand dunes across Canada which make sandboarding and sand duning in the country possible.  Carcross Desert, Yukon, Canada. Photo…

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