Sandboarding at Death Valley National Park

There are many spots for sandboarding in California's Mojave desert as well as on Southern California's beach dunes. If you want to find the best sand surfing rides head to Death Valley National Park, America's second largest national park, where you can find many incredible different types of dunes. Sandboarding,…


Sandboarding at Kelso Dunes

The Kelso Dunes are one of the four main Californian locations for sand surfing in the Mojave Desert (although there are plenty more dunes along the coast of Southern California). The Kelso dune system is the third-largest in the US and one of the few places where it is possible to witness the natural phenomenon of "singing" (or "booming") sand, so definitely worth a visit!

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Green Sand Beach in Hawaii
Green Sand beach in Hawaii. Photo courtesy of Elserbio00

Sandboarding in Hawaii

The surfer's paradise of Hawaii has plenty to offer to beach lovers, including a few locations where you can enjoy sand dune sledding and skimboarding. Despite the fact that the islands were formed by volcanic activity, there are neither any true deserts nor any places suitable for volcano boarding in…


Sandboarding in Monterey

The Monterey county is home to some of Southern California’s tallest dunes and must-see destinations for sandboarding and related activities. Dunes suitable for sand surfing are scattered across the region, near the towns of Monterey, Marina, Sand City and Seaside. As part of the Amazon Associate and eBay partner network…

Sand boarding SoCal Pismo Beach / Oceano dunes
Oceano Sand Dunes. Photo courtesy of Kyle Cottrell.

Sandboarding near Pismo Beach – Oceano and Guadalupe Dunes

There are two popular sandboarding spots near Pismo Beach: the Oceano Dunes and Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, both resembling a desert despite being located right on the coast of Southern California. These are without doubt the best dunes for sandboarding in SoCal. As part of the Amazon Associate and eBay partner network…

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Cape Kiwanda Sand Dune
Sand dune in Cape Kiwanda, Northern Oregon. Photo courtesy of Josh Baumgartner.

Sandboarding near Pacific City, Oregon

Sandboarding is the signature sport of Oregon and there are plenty of opportunities to surf the dunes of the Oregon Coast. The city of Florence with its Sand Master Park may be the most famous sandboarding location in the US, but the state has a lot more to offer to…

Little Sahara State Park, Oklahoma
Waynoka Dunes, Little Sahara State Park, OK. Photo courtesy of Matt Howry.

Sandboarding in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a surprising sandboard-friendly destination thanks to the presence of the Waynoka dunes in the so-called Little Sahara State Park. These dunes are leftovers from a river that flowed there in the prehistoric area, and do indeed look straight out of the Sahara desert! This unique location is a…


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