What skis can you use on sand dunes?
Sand skiing in Algeria. Photo courtesy of Olivier Lepetit.

What skis can you use on sand dunes?

More and more people are becoming interested in sand skiing, but this niche sport is still at its infancy and the technology supporting it is still not very advanced. Most people who practiced skiing on sand dunes use a regular pair of skis with a handful of sandboard wax, although…

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Sandboarding in Germany

You may be surprised to find out that Germany is one of the top sandboarding destinations in Europe - and the one where the Sandboarding World Championship is held every year. The reason for this? Germany is home to the world's only sandskiing facility! The so-called "Monte Kaolino" dune near…

Sand-skiing: the latest sandsport fad
Sand-skiing. Photo courtesy of Martin GH.

Sand-skiing: the latest sandsport fad

If sandboarding is somewhat already established - or at least, widely practiced - as a sport, sand skiing could very well become the next big thing after Swedish olympic freeskiers Jesper Tjäder and Emma Dahlström filmed themselves with a GoPro while skiing down Cerro Blanco, Peru's tallest sand dune.  As…


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