Sandboarding: extreme sport or tourist attraction?

Sandboarding is an activity that takes inspiration from surfing but is practiced on sand dunes. It is a transversal sport that those who know surfing might already practice. To practice it, all you need is a board and a sand hill. It can be practiced in various locations around the…


Sandboarding in Africa

Sandboarding is still a new sport in Africa, so there's plenty of room for personal discovery. The vast, arid plains of the Sahara and the deserts of Namibia and South Africa offer some of the best sandboarding in the world. These huge deserts are made up of dunes that are…


Sandboarding in Monterey

The Monterey county is home to some of Southern California’s tallest dunes and must-see destinations for sand surfing and related activities. As part of the Amazon Associate and eBay partner network programmes, we earn from qualifying purchases. Dunes in Monterey Bay. Photo courtesy of Fred Hsu. Marina State Beach Marina…


Facts and Figures about Sandboarding

You have heard about sandboarding but not sure if that's a thing? We got you covered. Here's some interesting facts about the art and practice of surfing down desert sand slopes, and all the information you need to get started with this new (or perhaps ancient?) action sport. What Sandboarding…

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