What is Drum Sand in Dune?

Drum sand is a fictional concept that appears in the science fiction franchise Dune. This special type of sound-emitting sand is first mentioned in the original novel written by Frank Herbert. In the fictional universe of "Dune," drum sand is a type of sand that produces a deep, resonant sound…


Sandboarding in Kazakhstan

When it comes to sandboarding destinations, Kazakhstan presents a remarkable and somewhat surprising experience for enthusiasts. This Central Asian country holds captivating landscapes that extend beyond its well-known attractions, offering a distinctive sandboarding adventure that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Kazakhstan surprises visitors with its hidden sandboarding gems,…

Sandboarding in California - Kelso Dunes
Kelso Sand Dunes, California. Photo courtesy of Joshua Sortino.

List of Singing Sand Dunes in the US

Discover the natural wonder of singing sand dunes in the US. From California to Colorado, experience the haunting melodies and surreal sensory experiences of these unique dunes that have fascinated scientists for centuries


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