Articles about volcano surfing (volcano boarding) aka sandboarding on active volcanoes. History, locations, information and photos.

Volcano Surfing in Pacaya Volcano, Guetemala
Volcanoboarding on Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

Volcano Surfing: Sandboarding at Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala

Guetamala is a lesser known destination for volcano boarding in Central America, often overshadowed by its neighbour Nicaragua. The slopes of Pacaya volcano have in fact only become suitable for sandboarding following recent eruptions, the last of which was reported in 2021. Today, there are plenty of hiking tours that…


History and Origins of Volcano Boarding

Volcano surfing is surely one of the most interesting extreme boardsports out there. One may think of it as a spin-off of sandboarding - except it is practiced on hardened lava slopes. There are only a few, selected active volcanos where this sport can be practiced, despite this it has…

Volcano Boarding
Cerro Negro Volcan, Nicaragua. Photo courtesy of Ben Turnbull

Volcano Boarding: where and how to surf on active volcanoes

Volcano Boarding (also Volcano Surfing, or Lavaboarding) is an extreme sport performed sliding down volcano slopes from a recent eruption on an active volcano. The unique and dangerous nature of this sport has made it a popular tourist attraction in certain locations such as Cerro Negro volcano in Leon, Nicaragua,…


Volcano Surfing: Facts and Safety Rules

Volcano surfing, also known as ash boarding or volcano boarding, is surely one of the craziest extreme sports out there, which only few lucky people can experience on a handful of locations worldwide. This sports consists of gliding down a slope of hardened lava which was formed by a recent…

Volcano Boarding Mt. Bromo Indonesia
Photo by Capung Purnomo on

Volcano Boarding on Mt. Bromo, Indonesia

Volcano boading is one of the craziest sports out there, and it gets even crazier on the slopes of the Mount Bromo volcano in Indonesia. 2329 meters above sea level, Gunung Bromo is one of the most impressive volcanoes in the Indonesian island of Java. The special appeal of Mt…


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