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Kir Yasal is a service that helps you register or title any vehicle for use in your state, including off-road, auto, and motorcycle vehicles.

They offer an out-of-state method to avoid the DMV, save on fees and taxes, and enjoy the freedom of the open road.

More importantly, they can help you register your vehicle legally even if your state does not allow it, with a workaround of registering it in another state through an LLC.

Let’s break down how this actually works.

Kir Yasal - Make Any Vehicle Street Legal in Any US State

Dirt Legal works with a variety of vehicles to help owners navigate the registration process.

Here are some types of vehicles they work with:

  1. Arazi Araçları: This includes OHV vehicles like sand rails and kir bisikletleri, which are typically used for off-road activities.
  2. Automobiles & motosikletler: They also assist with the registration and titling of regular automobiles and motorcycles.
  3. Military Vehicles: Dirt Legal can help with the registration of military vehicles like Humvees and LMTVs.
  4. Recreational Vehicles (RVs)/Buses/Conversions: They can assist with the registration of RVs, buses, and conversions.
  5. UTVs, Roxor and Side-by-Sides: These are also included in the list of vehicles they work with.

As long as your vehicle has a serial number and you have at least a bill of sale, Dirt Legal can register your vehicle in any US state.

They can register your vehicle even if your title/MCO says “off-road only”. Aslında, they specialize on off-road vehicles such as dirt bikes, kumul arabaları, ve kum rayları.

The registration process through Dirt Legal is pretty straightforward and can be arranged entirely online. Here’s what it looks like:

You sign and notarize the documents they provide and send them back with your ownership documents in a pre-paid envelope.

Dirt Legal handles the whole the registration process for you. You receive your registration (and title if needed) in a matter of weeks and hit the road in your street legal vehicle.

If you need to learn more, they have an extensive FAQ section on their website which covers pretty much anything you need to know.

Dirt Legal uses a method where they register your vehicle in a state that has less restrictive laws, and then you can use that registration to get a tag in your own state. This is often done using states like South Dakota, arizona, or Montana.

The process typically involves setting up an LLC in the state where the vehicle is registered. The vehicle is technically owned by the LLC, but you own the LLC, so it’s a way to legally circumvent some of the restrictions that might prevent you from getting a tag in your state.

Please note that this method is entirely legal, but it might be viewed unfavorably by local law enforcement or your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Keep in mind that this is a somewhat gray area legally. While it’s not explicitly illegal, it is a loophole that some states might choose to close in the future. 

Şu anda, there is no other way to register your vehicle in some states like Alabama, California or Florida. Dirt Legal is simply your best and only option (unless you want to go through the whole process of registering an LLC by yourself).

For more accurate and up-to-date information on the services offered, check these articles from the Dirt Legal website:

Live free on the open road in your off-road vehicle

Kir Yasal - ATV Aracınızı Sokakta Yasallaştırın

Sokakları yasal hale getirmenin en kolay yolu; denetime veya DMV gezisine gerek yok.

Kir Yasal - Make any off-road evhicle street legal from any state
Make any off-road vehicle street legal from any state.
Kir Yasal - Get Street Legal in 2-3 Weeks
Get Street Legal in 2-3 Weeks
Kir Yasal - 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Is Dirt Legal legit?

Evet, Dirt Legal is legitimate and 100% legal.

They use recognized methods to obtain titles that are valid in all 50 states. They register your vehicle in a state with less restrictive laws, often through an LLC.

Dirt Legal is committed to having your vehicle legally registered and offers a full refund if something goes wrong.

Does Dirt Legal work?

Evet, Dirt Legal has been proven to work and can help you get your off-road vehicle registered in any US state .

If your state has strict regulations, they register your vehicle in a state with less restrictive laws, often through an LLC.

This allows you to get a tag in your own state regardless of how strict its regulation.

Does Dirt Legal work in California?

Dirt Legal offers several services in California, including Montana LLC registration service, standard vehicle registration service, replica & kit car registration service, and vehicle titling services.

They can help you navigate the system and get your vehicle on the road legally despite California’s somewhat strict regulations.

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Does Dirt Legal work in Florida?

Evet, Dirt Legal also works in Florida.

The state of Florida has very strict and somewhat confusing regulations that make registering a vehicle in the State impossible.

Buna rağmen, Dirt Legal are able to have it done with their workaround of registering in another state through an LLC.

Tekrar, this is somewhat of a grey area legally, but there’s currently no other way to have your vehicle legitimately registered in Florida.

Is There A Discount Code for Dirt Legal?

Yapabilirsiniz get a 5% discount code directly on the Dirt Legal website by signing up to their newsletter.

Simply insert your email in the form and you will receive the discount code via email.

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