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Volusia İlçesi kıyılarında kumların altından gizemli bir nesne çıktı., Florida, sahilden önemli miktarda kum kaldıran bir gelgit ve son kasırga faaliyetinin ardından.

gizemli bulgu, başlangıçta ahşap ve metalden yapılmış 80 fit uzunluğunda bir nesne olarak tanımlandı, has now been identified as a 19th-century shipwreck.

Volusia County'deki Daytona Plajı kıyısından çıkan ahşap yapı, Florida
Volusia County'deki Daytona Plajı kıyısından çıkan ahşap yapı, Florida

The structure has started emerging from the sand in Daytona Beach due to erosion caused by Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Nicole, with beach-goers coming up with a variety of theories of what the mysterious object could be.

Researchers and volunteers joined forces to dig around the structure in order to help identify joints, ribs and curved wood belonging to a vessel.

Upon in-depth examination, maritime archeologists agree that the structure likely belonged to a privately owned merchant ship dating back to the 1800s, probably transporting fruit from the Caribbean or manufactured goods along the coast.

Erosion Reveals 1800s Shipreck on Florida Beach. Kaynak: NBC News.

Samples of the wood have been collected in order to shed even more light on this mystery.

The wreck is currently protected by a Florida law which forbids unauthorized individuals from removing, defacing, destroying or altering in any way any item of archaeological significance.

Aerial view of the buried shipwreck.
Aerial view of the buried shipwreck.

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