Last Updated on January 21, 2023

Guetamala is a lesser known destination for volcano boarding in Central America, often overshadowed by its neighbour Nicaragua.

The slopes of Pacaya volcano have in fact only become suitable for sandboarding following recent eruptions, the last of which was reported in 2021.

Today, there are plenty of hiking tours that will take you on top of this mountain and let you experience the thrill of volcano surfing.

Volcanoboarding on Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala
Sandboarding on Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala.

Pacaya Volcano Boarding

The volcano is a popular hiking destination and easily accessible from Guatemala City and Antigua. In order to slide down Pacaya you will first have to hike uphill for one – two hours. Pacaya has sixteen craters and the pathway “El Cerro Chino” is a good starting point for sandboarding.

Please not that volcano surfing is an extreme sport and potentially dangerous activity. When you choose a volcano boarding tour in Guatemala, always ask about their insurance policy. If insurance is not included, you must get private sandboarding insurance to make sure you are covered in case of an accident.

Volcano boarding at Pacaya, Guatemala
Volcano boarding at Pacaya.

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