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Volcano boading is one of the craziest sports out there, and it gets even crazier on the slopes of the Mount Bromo volcano in Indonesia. 2329 meters above sea level, Gunung Bromo is one of the most impressive volcanoes in the Indonesian island of Java.

The special appeal of Mt Bromo comes from the fact that it is actually a volcanic plateau – a large expanse of land formed by lava flows at high elevations.

Bromo’s last eruption was in 2011, which is why the area surrounding it resembles a lunar landscape: everything is covered in ash, with slopes suitable for volcano boarding.

There are other locations where sandboarding can be practiced in Indonesia, but this is the only opportunity you have to slide down the slopes of an active volcano.

Volcano Boarding Mt. Bromo Indonesia
Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia. Photo by Capung Purnomo.

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is a 7.641 feet (2.329 meters) tall peak in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in East Java. It is located in the heart of the “Sea of Sand” nature reserve and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the island.

Getting there

The nearest village to Mount Bromo is Cemoro Lawang. You can hike to the volcano in around 45 minutes, or join an organized jeep tour.

Make sure to keep an eye on local warnings by the Indonesian Center for Volcanology and Disaster Mitigation, who regurarly measure volcanic activity in the area and may advice against visiting Mount Bromo if an eruption is due.

Video: Mt. Bromo Sandboarding

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