Last Updated on November 3, 2022

The Vanuatu Islands sit atop the Pacific Ring of Fire and have nine active volcanoes, seven on land and two under the sea. The Mt. Yasur Volcano, on the island of Tanna, is the most popular and most easily accessible, and also the only suitable spot for volcano boarding in the country. Its ash attracts many tourists who want a full adrenaline rush before diving into the archipelago’s beautiful blue sea.

Mt. Yasur can be considered the birthplace of modern volcano boarding, the place where former U.S. presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan claims to have first invented this sport while on an expedition for National Geographic.

Volcano Surfing in Mt. Yasur, Vanuatu
Sandboarders climbing the slopes of Mt Yasur on Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

Mount Yasur

Mount Yasur is a major tourist attraction in Vanuatu and easily accessible despite being a very active volcano. The Tanna Island government issues alerts to visitors with 6 different levels of tracked volcanic activity.

Level 0 means there is minimal volcanic unrest, although eruptions are still possible. The highest level of alert, Level 5, means there is a very large eruption in process and visitors are advised against visiting Mount Yasur.

Video: Sandboarding down Active Volcano Mount Yasur, Vanuatu

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