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Last Updated on November 4, 2022

The popularity of sandboarding and related sports has boomed in recent years and there are now many opportunities to practice the thrilling activity of sand dune surfing across the United States.

As a matter of fact, some of the best sand dunes and sport facilities for dune boarding are located in the USA and the city of Florence, Oregon hosts the world’s very first sandboarding park.

There are however suitable dunes and popular sandboarding spots all over the country, including both desert and coastal areas.

Without further ado, let’s look into some of the best sandboarding spots in the US:

Sandboarding in Arizona

Saguaro Cacti in Arizona desert
Arizona Desert

Ehrenberg Sandbowl – Ehrenberg, AZ

Hot Well Dunes – Safford

Parker Dunes – Cactus Plain, Parker, AZ

Yuma Sand Dunes – Yuma Desert, Yuma, AZ

Sandboarding in California

Death Valley National Park
Death Valley National Park Sand Dunes

Mesquite Sand Dunes – Death Valley National Park, CA

There are five major groups of sand dunes in Death Valley National Park, but sandboarding is only allowed on the Mesquite Flat Dunes, away from wildlife and vegetation. 

Marina State Beach – Marina, CA

The Pit – Sand City, CA

Some of California’s tallest coast dunes are located in the Monterey county: the three towns of Marina, Seaside and Sand City (what a name!) have become a must-see destination for extreme sports enthusiasts as well as fans of the beach and art lovers.

Sand dunes in Marina are a bit easier to sled and ideal for beginners and families with kids, while Seaside and Sand City will offer more of a challenge for experienced sand surfers.

Into naturism? North of Sand City beach you can find a natural sand depression, “The Crater”, which also happens to be a clothing-optional area. Yes, you can sand sled naked down a crater in California – how cool is that?

Pismo Beach / Oceano Sand Dunes – Oceano, CA

Algodones Dunes – Glamis, CA

Kelso Dunes – Flynn, CA

Kelso Dunes are the best spot for sandboarding in the Mojave Desert. The area is closed to off-road vehicles has started to be claimed back by growing vegetation and wildlife, making it an ideal destination for both hiking and dune boarding. The closest major city is Baker, about one hour distance by car.

Dumont Dunes – Baker, CA

Algodones Dunes – Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, CA

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Sandboarding in Colorado

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve – Fresh Snow, August 2016, Kit Carson Mountain Above Dunes, CC BY 2.0

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve – Duncan, CO

They are called Great Sand Dunes for a reason – this park hosts some of the tallest dunes in North America. Hiking, camping and sandboarding are all must-do activities.

Sand-skiing, horseback riding, mountain biking are also practiced, and there are even several public hot springs nearby.

Sandboarding in Florida

Wildcat Mountain – Destin, FL

Sandboarding in Hawaii

Makena Big Beach – Kihei, HI

Papakolea Green Sand Beach – Ka Lae, HI

 Sunset Beach – Pupukea, O’ahu

Sandboarding in Idaho

Bruneau Dunes State Park
Bruneau Dunes State Park. Photo courtesy of Rickmouser45.

Bruneau Dunes State Park – Bruneau, ID

St. Anthony Sand Dunes – St. Anthony, ID

Sandboarding in Indiana

Sandboarding at Mt Baldy
Dunes near Mt Baldy, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Photo courtesy of Chris Light.

Indiana Dunes – Indiana Dunes State Park, Chesterton

Mt. Baldy – Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan City

Sandboarding in Massachusetts

Cape Cod Sand Dunes – Provincetown, MA

Sandboarding in Michigan

Warren Dunes State Park - Tower Hill Dune
Tower Hill sand dune in Warren Dunes State Park. Photo courtesy of rmhermen.

Silver Lake State Park – Oceana County, MI

The sand dunes near Silver Lake are an incredible location for sandboarding and easily accessible by the city of Mears. The dunes themselves are positioned between Silver Lake and Lake Michigan, giving you spectacular views of both lakes from the top. The area is also suitable for camping.

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Sandboarding in Nebraska

Nebraska Sandhills – Whitman, NE

Sandboarding in Nevada

Nellis Dunes – Las Vegas, NV

Amargosa Sand Dunes – Las Vegas, NV

Sandboarding in New Mexico

White Sands National Park – Alamogordo, NM

Sandboarding in North Carolina

Dunes at Jockey's Ridge State Park near Nags Head, North Carolina
Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Photo courtesy of Bohemian Baltimore.

Jockey’s Ridge State Park – Nags Head, Dare County, Outer Banks

Large dune area that resembles a desert with very soft sand and some of the tallest dunes in the east coast. Popular with both sandboarding and sand sledding, especially from October to March.

Sandboarding in Oklahoma

Little Sahara State Park, Oklahoma
Waynoka Dunes, Little Sahara State Park, OK. Photo courtesy of Matt Howry.

Little Sahara State Park – Waynoka

Sand dunes resembling the Sahara desert, leftover from a prehistoric river. Slope ranging from 25 feet to 75 feet.

Sandboarding in Oregon

Oregon Sand Dunes
The Oregon Dunes National Recreaton Area near Florence, Oregon. 2008, Cacophony, CC BY 3.0

Sand Master Park – Florence, OR

There are vast areas of sand on the Pacific coast of Oregon and the city of Florence can be considered the capital of sandboarding in the United States. The popular Sand Master Park is the first sport facility officially dedicated to sandboarding, and an ideal place to dip one’s toes in the sand as a beginner. You can even take advantage of one of their “chairlift” dune buggies so that you don’t have to hike up some of their tallest dunes. Sand Master Park is located in Lane County on the central coast of Oregon. The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area consists of roughly 50km of sand dunes up to 150m tall.

Cape Kiwanda – Pacific City, OR

The stunning peninsula of Cape Kiwanda hosts a 240 feet high sand dune, located within the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area.

Sandboarding in Rhode Island

Coventry Sand Dunes – Mishnock Lake 

Big River Management Area – West Greenwhich

Sandboarding in Texas

Monahans Sandhills Sand Surfing
Monahans Sandhills, Texas. Photo courtesy of Jason Priem.

Monahans Sandhills State Park – Monahans, TX

Sandboarding in Utah

Sandboarding Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah
Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes – Kanab, UT

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Little Sahara Sand Dunes, UT

Sand Hollow State Park, UT

Sandboarding in Wyoming

Wyoming - Killpecker Sand Dunes
Killpecker Sand Dunes – Leucite Hills, Rock Springs, Wyoming. Photo courtesy of James St. John.

Killpecker Sand Dunes – Rock Springs, Sweetwater County

Large dune field with rare singing dunes. Plenty of space for sandboarding and other recreational activities.

Sandboarding Worldwide

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