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Burning Man 2023 is just around the corner, kicking off from August 27 to September 4. Once again, 80,000 people from all over the world will gather in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada for Burning Man, a festival of radical self-expression and creativity.

This year’s theme is Animalia, which means “of or relating to animals.” Participants are encouraged to explore the relationship between humans and animals, and there will be plenty of art installations and performances that explore this theme.

Of course, Burning Man is known for its wild costumes and outlandish behavior, so expect to see plenty of freaks and geeks in attendance. There will be fire-breathing cephalopod robots, art cars, and all sorts of other weirdness.

Rendering of Temple of the Heart exterior at Burning Man 2023
Rendering of the “Temple of the Heart” exterior at Burning Man 2023

Like every year, thousands of camps will spring up in Black Rock City for Burning Man 2023. These camps are a vital part of the Burning Man experience, providing participants with a place to stay, food to eat, and activities to enjoy.

There are camps for all interests and budgets, from large theme camps with elaborate art installations to small, intimate camps that offer a more low-key experience.

Below, a list of some of the major camps you can find at Burning Man 2023:

1001 Nights

1001 Nights believes in togetherness and generosity, with core values revolving around sociability and creating strong connections among participants.

The camp’s purpose is to establish a haven for nomadic burners beneath the Dome, symbolizing their Sanctuary. Similar to tales, the camp comes alive magically each year.

For a week, participants are invited to join this enchanting experience, partake in traditional offerings, and celebrate life under the Dome, forging lasting memories.

The stories shared reflect the memories of the Community, written annually by Nighters at the camp, showcasing the Community’s constant evolution.

Contact: [email protected]
Hometown: Dubai (Hometown), Lausanne and Los Angeles (Residence)

17 Virgins

17 Virgins invites participants to explore a transdimensional portal within their 250-foot-long tunnel, offering a potential pathway to the dream party.

Hometown: Toronto

1st Bank of BRC

The 1st Bank of BRC thrives in the gifting economy, offering an array of unique services to participants. From daily visits to ATMs to exchanging gifts and gratitudes, the bank is a hub of interactive experiences.

Participants can challenge themselves with the high-security vault or engage in the art of gifting and gratitude exchange.

Hometown: San Francisco

2 Fast 2 Curios

2 Fast 2 Curios, part of the Alight Market Village, is a community of seasoned Burners known for gifting delightful interactive experiences. Playa Shoe Shine, Costume Kintsugi, and other unique offerings create a memorable and joyful atmosphere.

With a focus on bringing unexpected and delightful experiences, the camp aims to be the highlight of participants’ evenings.

Hometown: Oakland


Welcome to 3907, where participants can elevate their Black Rock City experience. From an interactive 3D map to browsing the Boutique, enjoying drinks at the bar, and exploring various activities, 3907 offers a unique and engaging environment.

Join in making Rope Man or attend a yoga playshop, all while enjoying the 3907-feet-above-sea-level atmosphere.

Contact: [email protected]
Hometown: Bishop, California

3rd Alternative: Jail of Hedone

Experience the theatrical judgment of the Court of Hedone at the Jail of Hedone. Escape the heat and dust under cooling misters with cold drinks, snacks, and hedonistic pleasures.

The camp offers a unique way to relax and unwind, along with the occasional foot wash and even Absinthe.

Contact: [email protected]
Hometown: San Diego

3SP (Third Space Place)

3SP serves as a Black Rock City “third space,” offering a welcoming and relaxing community spot for participants. Engage in discussions, relax, and participate in events that explore various issues and topics.

Founded in 2015, 3SP aims to create a sense of belonging and connection beyond participants’ dwelling and workplace environments.

Contact: [email protected]
Hometown: Washington DC

404: Village Not Found

404: Village Not Found offers a visually rich and unique environment, home to a variety of engaging activities and experiences. Participants can enjoy movies, games, coffee, snow cones, and more.

With a diverse and welcoming atmosphere, the camp invites participants to explore and discover unexpected treasures.

Hometown: Salem

404: Village Not Found Annex

404: Village Not Found Annex extends the visually rich and diverse experience of the main camp. From movies to games, coffee to snow cones, the annex offers a wide range of activities and entertainment.

Participants are invited to get lost in the atmosphere and discover new and exciting experiences.

Hometown: Salem

7 Sins Lounge

7 Sins Lounge welcomes participants to embrace the Playa’s “Friendliest Little Slice of Hell.” Offering shade, chill music, and slushy drinks during the day, the camp transforms at night with flaming libations and the popular Wheel of Sins.

The camp’s dedicated staff offers absolution and encouragement, ensuring participants dance forth to sin anew.

Contact: [email protected]
Hometown: Sacramento

7 Sirens Cove

7 Sirens Cove is a pirate bohemia where mermaid lounging, dancing rhythms, and mischief run aground. Participants are invited to heed the call of the 7 Sirens and join in the merrymaking.

Contact: [email protected]
Hometown: Bay Area

706 Tribe

706 Tribe is a pioneer, convener, and incubator exploring possibilities of personal, spiritual, and social transformation. The camp incubates various communities experimenting with authentic relating, psychological support, and co-living space.

The camp eagerly participates in building a more compassionate, inclusive, connected, and sustainable world.

Contact: [email protected]
Hometown: San Francisco

8-bit Bunny

8-bit Bunny runs a steam bath daily, offering participants a chance to get clean. The camp’s bar features a unique drink wheel, and participants are encouraged to embrace their inner rabbit by wearing rabbit ears.

Contact: david

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