Sandboarding / Sand surfing across the world.

Sandboarding in Greece

Greece does not have any true deserts, but it is possible to practice sandboarding on the island of Lemnos in the North Aegen region, near the coast of Turkey. The Gomati Sand Dunes, located in an area that resembles a "mini desert", are free of vegetation and therefore suitable for…

Dune skiing in Algeria
Sand skiing in Algeria. Photo courtesy of Olivier Lepetit.

Sandboarding in Algeria

Algeria is the largest country in Africa, and much of its territory is covered by the Sahara desert. There are countless massive sand dunes where sand surfing can be practiced, albeit in somewhat remote locations of Algeria. Sand skiing near Djanet, Algeria. Photo courtesy of Olivier Lepetit. Algeria Sand Dunes…


Best sandboards and sand dune sleds [2022]

Sand boarding and dune sledding present unique difficulties that make traditional types of board sports equipment poorly suitable for riding on sand. It wasn’t until board manufacturers started using Formica laminate sheets and other smooth surfaces for the sandboard bases that riders could achieve high speeds and perform daring tricks…


Sandboarding in Johannesburg

The landlocked region of Gauteng in South Africa does not have any coastal dunes, but it is still possible to practice sand surfing at Mount Mayhem mine dumps, located in Boksburg about half a hour drive from Johannesburg and just outside of Benoni. Mount Mayhem Sandboarding. Sandboarding at Mt. Mayhem…


Sandboarding in Fraser Island

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fraser Island is one of Queensland's most popular attractions for beach lovers and it's no surprise that this incredible location - which is also the largest sand island in the entire world - is also a hotspot for sandboarding and dune sports. There are…


Sandboarding in Kuwait

Much of the country of Kuwait is covered by the Arabian desert and while it does not have as many great dunes as nearby destinations like Saudi Arabia, the UAE or Qatar, you can still have some nice outdoors fun. There are not many companies that offer sandboarding tours, so…


Sandboarding in Mongolia

Mongolia is home to the Gobi desert, one of the most stunning deserts in the world, which is also the main attraction luring tourists and adventure travellers to the country. It is however a cold desert which does not have a lot of sand, but there are a few exceptions.…

Sandboarding at Lomas de Solymar - Ciudad de la Costa, Uruguay.
Sandboarding at Lomas de Solymar - Ciudad de la Costa, Uruguay. Photo courtesy of Germantito.

Sandboarding in Uruguay

There are plenty of opportunities for fans of sandboarding in Uruguay, mostly located around the coast. The best dunes are located in Rocha near Cabo Polonio, although there are plenty of smaller beach dunes that you can hit near major cities in Canelones and Maldonado. Montevideo does not have very…


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