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Best Hiking Boots for Desert

One of the most important aspects of any outdoor hiking trip is selecting a good pair of boots. When it comes to harsh desert environments and scorching hot weather, however, you need footwear that is both durable and breathable. No matter if you're going sand dune climbing, sand skiing, or…

Best Chukka Boots & Chukka Shoes
Chukka boots are inspired by traditional African veldskoen shoes

Best Chukka Boots & Chukka Shoes

Clarks popularized desert chukka boots back in the 1950s, and their style is based on the popular veldskoen shoes worn in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. Chukkas are now considered fashionable and are worn almost everywhere, not just in the desert. Whether you need a pair of desert trakking shoes,…

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Best Gaiters for Desert Hiking & Running

When it comes to desert camping and backpacking gear, shoe gaiters are sometimes overlooked. These protective ankle and lower leg coverings can really make a difference when hiking across sand dunes in the hot desert sun, as they offer an extra layer of protection against debris, scorching sand, and snake…


Best Shoes for Desert & Beach Sand Dunes

Choosing a quality pair of shoes is one of the most essential aspects of any outdoors hiking trip. But when it comes to harsh desert environments and extreme weather conditions, you need to choose footwear that is both sturdy and breathable. Adequate cushioning, breathable materials, and good ankle support will…


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