Last Updated on October 16, 2023

Russia may not be the first country that comes to mind when you picture summer sports and desert dunes, but sandboarding is actually rather popular in the Greater Moscow Area (Moscow Oblast).

There are a large number of sand quarries surrounding lakes and forests and young Russians love taking their boards and ATV vehicles there in the summer to have some fun on the dunes.


Sandboarding in Moscow, Russia
Riding on a sand pit in Dzerzhinsky. Photo courtesy of Alexander Burakov.

Sandboarding in Moscow

Sychevo Sand Quarry – Moscow Oblast

The Sychevo sand dunes are the most popular site for sandboarding near Moscow.

There are plenty of sandhills of varying size overlooking vegetated areas and lakes, and all sorts of sandsports are practiced there, from sand surfing to dirt bike and ATV riding. It is also a popular hiking spot.

Dzerzhinsky Sand Quarry – Moscow Oblast

The Dzerzhinsky Sand Pit is another popular sand surfing location in the greater Moscow area. There are a few small competitions held at the site.

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