Cape Kiwanda Sand Dune - Pacific City, Oregon
Sand dune in Cape Kiwanda, Northern Oregon. Photo courtesy of Josh Baumgartner.

Sandboarding near Pacific City, Oregon

Sandboarding is the signature sport of Oregon and there are plenty of opportunities to surf the dunes of the Oregon Coast. While the city of Florence with its Sand Master Park may be the most famous sandboarding location in the US, the state of Oregon has much more to offer…


The 10 Most Desert States in the US

Nevada is the most desert state in the US, with over 75% of its land area covered in desert. This makes Nevada home to some of the most iconic desert landscapes in the country, including Death Valley National Park and Great Basin National Park. Other states with a lot of desert land include Arizona, California, Utah, and New Mexico.


Oregon Desert Towns: A Guide to the Best Places to Visit

Oregon is a captivating state known for its diverse landscapes, ranging from lush forests in the Cascade Mountains to the arid deserts of the eastern region. Within this enchanting environment, you'll discover a collection of small towns that offer a perfect blend of natural beauty and rich historical heritage.


The High Desert of Oregon

The high desert in Oregon is a region of high altitude and cool temperatures. Major cities in the region include Bend, Burns, and Prineville. Popular activities include hiking, camping, rock climbing, stargazing, and scenic driving.


Cape Kiwanda Sand Dune, the Giant sand hill of Pacific City

The Cape Kiwanda Sand Dune is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable outdoor experience. Located just outside of Pacific City, Oregon, this massive dune offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding coastline. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities on the dune, including sandboarding, hiking, and simply relaxing and taking in the scenery.


Coos Bay Sand Dunes: A Must-Visit Destination for UTV Enthusiasts

The Coos Bay Sand Dunes in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area are a must-see destination for UTV enthusiasts. The dunes, located just north of Coos Bay, offer designated sand roads, forests, and year-round beach access. Navigating the dunes can be tricky, so it's important to familiarize yourself with main landmarks and access points, and to have adequate tires.


Discover Florence, Oregon’s Sandboarding Capital

Florence, Oregon is a small coastal town known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. The city is situated in the county of Lane and is just a short drive from Eugene and Portland. With its location on the Pacific coast, Florence offers a wide range of activities such as sandboarding on the Oregon Sand Dunes, off-roading on the dunes and beaches, and beachcombing along the coastline.


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