“Dreams of Sand”: Sandboarding Club Begins Empowerment Program for Underprivileged Kids in Peru

The Dreams of Sand project uses the thrill of sandboarding to empower underprivileged youth in the Peruvian desert. Led by four-time sandboarding world champion Dito Chavez, the project offers free sports programs to children from poor communities, including sandboarding lessons, physical and mental conditioning, and workshops focused on developing values.


Discover Florence, Oregon’s Sandboarding Capital

Florence, Oregon is a small coastal town known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. The city is situated in the county of Lane and is just a short drive from Eugene and Portland. With its location on the Pacific coast, Florence offers a wide range of activities such as sandboarding on the Oregon Sand Dunes, off-roading on the dunes and beaches, and beachcombing along the coastline.


Sandboarding: the Sport of Surfing Down Sand Dunes

Also known as sand surfing or sand sledding, sandboarding is an exciting and thrilling extreme sport that involves gliding down sand dunes on a specially designed board or sled. Sand surfing is a popular activity in desert and coastal destinations around the world, and attracts both thrill-seekers and casual enthusiasts…


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