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Planning to take your desert dirt bike out to the dunes? Make sure you wear proper eye protection against sandstorms and dust. The best goggles for desert are dust proof and have UV400 dark colored lenses, protecting you from both dangerous UV rays and from extreme weather conditions – particularly sand and strong winds.

Best lens color for desert

When riding in the hot desert sun you want to pick preferably gray-tinted lenses. Dark colored lenses will reduce brightness and glare and minimize the chances of experiencing sand blidness, the desert equivalent of snow blindness. Remember that sand reflects sun rays and in the desert there is scarce vegetation which means no shade, riding for many hours while exposed to UV rays can damage your eyes as well as your skin. UV400 protection lenses will filter out 99% of UV rays, protecting your eyes from sunburn.

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ATV Dirt Bike Riding in the Desert with Sand Goggles and Helmets.

Best Desert Goggles

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DCLINA Motorcycle Helmet Goggles f

DCLINA Motorcycle Helmet Goggles

Effective UV Protection Anti Fog Motorcycling Goggles in a variety of color options.



As the lenses are made of high quality PC material with wind/dust proof and UV 400 protection features, you will get a great vision and never get above troubles.


Our dirtbike goggles with its lenses added various layers of coating to protect lens from scratch.With its strong durable lens and flexible frame material, our goggles are shatter ressitant


We added ECO friendly sponge material to our frames, so that you feels no friction between your forehead and goggles. With its flexbile strap, you may easily adjust it to be tight and loose before your riding.

Excellent after-sales service: If you have any question about the product, please feel free to contact us. We are committed to providing premium-quality product and excellent service to customers. If you are completely unsatisfied with the product, we will offer full refund or a replacement within the first month and 12-month repair service.

Bertoni Vintage Motorcycle Goggles

Bertoni Vintage Motorcycle Goggles

Original old style for Harley Davidson and chopper. Bertoni is a well known italian brand of sport sunglasses coming from a thirty-years experience in the sport–optic market of his technicians. The Motorcycle Goggles by Bertoni are well appreciated because of their comfortable and well fitting design plus the latest technical discoveries for lenses and materials


Mat Black leather frame embellished by orange stitching.

Smoked lenses in polycarbonate 2.4mm anticrash

100% UV protection 

Wide peripheral vision.

Anti-misting aerators into top and bottom of frames.

Adjustable and elastic strap to give a close fit with any open face helmet.

Bikershades Motorcycle Riding Over

Perfect goggles for those who wear glasses, you can just fit them on top of them. UV400, sturdy and dustproof.


  • Polycarbonate frame
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Polarized Coating coating
  • 🏍FITS GLASSES UP TO 5 3/4 INCHES (145mm) WIDE & UP TO 2 INCHES (52mm)TALL: Please measure your glasses before purchasing these fit over goggles to make sure they fit. Measure your eye glasses from the outside left temple to the outside right temple. Also measure the height of the glasses from the top to the bottom of the frame. Please note these goggles are designed to fit over eye glasses comfortably.
  • 😊MEMORY FLEX w/ DUAL LAYER FOAM: Indestructable polycarbonate frames are built to withstand even the toughtest biker. Dual Density Foam consists of two layers, a firm layer and a softer layer to help absorb pressure from the wind & sit comfortbaly against your face.
  • ⛷☀IMPACT RESISTANT POLYCARBONATE LENSES w/ 100% UV PROTECTION: Polycarbonate is impact resistant, virtually unbreakable and extremely scratch resistant. Have you tried to break a polycarbonate CD (compact disc) before? It can’t be done! Cover over goggle lenses are “UV400” rated, means the lenses will block UV light up to 400 nanometers (100% UVA & UVB rays)
  • 🌫VENTED FRAME FOG REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY: These goggles that fit over glasses are special designed to allow just enough air into the frame to help prevent fogging.
  • 📏ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC STRAP / ONE SIZE FITS MED TO XXL HEADS: These cover over goggles feature a two piece wide elastic’ strap that easily adjusts to all head sizes. You can clip the two sides of the strap together, or simply pull over your head.

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