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There are many opportunities to experience sand surfing near Cape Town in Western Cape. The Atlantis Sand Dunes within the Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve are one of the trendiest sandboarding spots in the South Africa, whereas the two seaside villages of Betty’s Bay and Hout Bay both have plenty of coastal dune fun to offer.

Sandboarding Atlantis Sand Dunes near Cape Town

Atlantis Sand Dunes

The Atlantis Sand Dunes offer what is possibly the best sandboarding in South Africa, just a few km north of Cape Town, in the so called “Lost City” within the Atlantis Nature Reserve. The white sand dunes stretch for around 32 km² and are a hotspot for sandsports including off-road tours, quad biking and sand duning on jeeps and 4×4 vehicles. There are different dune slopes and steepness levels that are not too overwhelming and ideal for beginners. Enjoy breathtaking views of Cape Town and Table Mountain from the tallest peaks!

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Betty’s Bay Sand Dunes

Betty’s Bay is a small holiday town situated on the Overberg coast of South Africa’s Western Cape province. Approximately a one hour drive up the East Coast from Cape Town, you can grab your sandboard and have some fun on the dunes of the little seaside village of Betty’s Bay, in a site called Silver Sands. Some of the dunes here are incredibly tall (as high as 250m!). Make sure to also pay a visit to the penguin colony at Stony Point while you are there!

Hout Bay Sand Dunes

Hout Bay is a suburb of Cape Town situated in a valley on the Atlantic seaboard of the Cape Peninsula. The dunes at Hout Bay are less touristy and mostly cater to locals who go there to sandboard bringing their own equipment.

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