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One of the most spectacular sandboarding destination in the US is the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in southern Utah, near the city of Kanab. At this unique site you can slide down incredibly scenic pink-colored dunes, which were formed from the erosion of Navajo Sandstone. Both sandboarding (standing up) and sand sledding (laying down) can be practiced at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, and rental options are available directly on site.

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Sandboarding at Coral Pink Sand Dunes near Zion National Park

Sandboarding at Coral Pink Dunes

The Coral Pink Dunes are located near the city of Kanab. As their name suggests, they are pinkish in color and a must-see at times of dawn and dusk, when the softer lights accentuate the color of the sand. The area spans for 3,730 acres but only the southern portion of around 2000 acres known as the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is open all year round and accessible for both sandboarding and sand duning with off-road vehicles. What makes these dunes especially attractive to sandboarders is the incredibly fine grains of sand which makes sliding smooth as ever. The tallest dune is around 100 ft tall. Unlike most hot deserts, the sand does not get too hot usually which means you can walk on it barefoot.

Getting there

The Coral Pink Dunes State Park is located near the town of Kanab, approximately 310 miles south of Salt Lake City. From US Hwy 89 north of Kanab, follow the signs west to the State Park.

Price and Sandboard rental

Entrance fee to the park is 8$, which gives you access to the visitor center and nature trail. You can rent a sand board or sand sled directly on site the visitor centre, the price of 25$ per day, with sandboard wax included.

If you don’t want to rent a board, you can also bring your own or join a guided tour which includes sandboarding.

Sandboards for Sale

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Quad Riding at Coral Pink Sand Dunes near Zion

Other activities

  • Sand duning with ATVs and other off-highway vehicles
  • Camping
  • Hiking and desert trekking
  • Horseback riding
  • Wildlife watching
  • Photography

There’s plenty of things to do at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. The best way to fully immerse yourself in this stunning pink-colored desert is to simply walk around. There are a variety of animals and plants that you can spot and take pictures of if you wish. If you you prefer to drive through the dunes, you can bring your own vehicle or rent an ATV from the park.

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05:22 10 Mar 22
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is a very unique and pretty Park of coral colored sand.Lots of pretty flowers all over 🌸 💐 worth a stop to check it out. The park has an observation deck if you didn’t want to get sand in your shoes. This park is pet friendlyOther then checking out the sand there’s not much to do so this stop was quick one.
Jaaron JohnsonJaaron Johnson
22:54 06 Feb 22
We had a great time at the dunes, can't wait to head back. My wife and I are from Hawaii. So this was the first time seeing sand dunes like these. I didn't know you could board down the dunes, but I did have my RC Crawler with me, and decided to take it out and have some fun. Got a few compliments. One lady even told me it made her day, well I'm glad to have been entertaining!
14:43 12 Oct 21
Very cool place. Take a stop here if you can! The best thing to do is sand boarding or driving ATV’s around. Br careful getting off the road in your car, you don’t want to get stuck.Gorgeous place, lots of fun!
Toni BarkerToni Barker
02:21 16 Sep 20
I felt like I was in Dubai coming here. Pretty amazing place.

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