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Dubai, also known as the “Desert City”, is a paradise for sandboarders and sandsports lovers in general, and so is the rest of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Arabian Desert, one of the largest desertic areas in the world, offers some of the most suggestive landscapes in the world, attracting tourists and adrenaline seekers from all over the world. For a quintessential Dubai experience, you must go on a desert safari with dune bashing – the Arab version of sand duning, which involves driving at very fast speeds on very bumpy sand dunes, and of course, enjoy some incredible sandboarding on one of the countless sand red dunes in the area.

Sandboarding locations near Dubai

Al Badayer oasis

Hidden oasis less than an hour away from both Dubai and Sharjah city by car, Al Badayer hosts some of the most stunning dunes of the Arabian desert, including the famous “Big Red Dune”. Whether you want to sled down the Big Red or one of the numerous smaller, wave-like dunes, this place is a must see.

Al Faya desert

Another desert with red sand and plenty of spots for sand surfing, not too far from Abu Dhabi.

Lahbab desert

Desert about 40 minute drive away from Dubai city, with mostly short but spectacular ridges of red sand for duning and sledding. 

Liwa Oasis

This place in the Abu Dhabi area hosts one of the vastest dunes in the world, the Moreeb dune, which is over 1.6 km long and 300 m tall. 

Sweihan desert / Little Liwa

Another desert with large dunes and delicate sand, located between Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain.


Best sandboarding in the Dubai desert

Tours from Dubai

Tours from Abu Dhabi

What to wear

Dubai and the UAE have a desert climate with very high temperature during the day which falls sharply at night. It’s best to wear layered clothing when hitting the dunes, covering your body from head to toe in order to protect yourself from the scorching hot sand and dust. Read: best sandboarding clothes for desert climates.

Sandboarding in the Middle East

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