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Sandboarding is growing in popularity in Mexico, which has plenty of stunning coastal and desert dunes all over the country where sand surfing and dune sledding are practiced. Whether you are a local, a tourist or a digital nomad, let us introduce to the best sandboarding spots in Mexico.

Sandboarding in Veracruz

Chachalacas Beach Dunes – Veracruz

Along the Gulf of Mexico, there is a string of 550 hectars of sand dunes called Chachalacas, which is one of the most popular sandboarding spots in the country. Although these dunes are not high (about 180 feet), they still bring excitement to the rider. The humidity in the bay tends to keep the sand dunes slightly humid most of the time, and strong winds will soon disappear. The beauty of the diverse topography of the sand dunes still attracts viewers. Make sure to get there on a four-wheel drive because these dunes are not easily accessible and you must drive away from the road to reach them. You can easily arrange a guided tour from Veracruz with a certified guide (in Spanish or English), which includes 4×4 transportation, boards, personal insurance and all you need to have a top experience.

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Sandboarding in Baja California

There are many sand dunes in Mexicali and the area surrounding Los Algodones in the Mojave Desert, bordering the US state of California. Sandboarding is growing in popularity to the point where national and international tournaments are held in the area on a regular basis. The area near La Paz in Baja California Sur is also getting more and more attention with sand surfers.

Cuervitos Dunes – Mexicali, Baja California

Some of the best sand dunes in Mexico surrounded by a wonderful desert landscape and an ideal location for sandboarding, not too far off from Tijuana.

Los Arenales / Dunas the Cantamar – Primo Tapia, Baja California

Sand dunes of Cantamar, best known as “Los Arenales”, very popular with off-roaders.

Dunas de San Felipe – San Felipe-Mexicali, Baja California

Huge wilderness area in between Mexicali and San Felipe. Very large and steep sand dunes.

Duna del Mogote – La Paz, Baja California

El Mogote is a sand barrier peninsula opposite the city of La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Dunes in El Mogote beach with spectacular views of the desert on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other. Make sure to get a glimpse of the magical sunset at this unique location. If you are visiting La Paz or La Baja make sure to pay a visit to the dunes or you’ll miss out.

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Sandboarding in Chihuaha

Samalayuca Dune Fields – Rancho Dos Hermanos, Chihuahua

Huge dunes in the Chihuahuan desert, approximately 1 hour drive away from El Pas, Texas and 35 minutes south of Juarez, Mexico.

Sandboarding in Coahuila

Dunas de Bilbao, Coahuila

Large wilderness area with desert sand dunes.

Sunset at San Nicolás beach, Sonora

Sandboarding in Sonora

San Nicolas Beach Sand Dunes – Hermosillo, Sonora

San Nicolás beach, located in the Bahía de Kino, is regarded as the “Pearl of the Cortés Sea” because of its vast beach with white sand and crystal clear seas. Its 65-meter-high dunes are great for sandboarding. It is currently part of UNESCO’s World Heritage of Humanity.

El Golfo de Santa Clara Sand Dunes – San Luis, Sonora

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