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Living in the desert certainly presents challenges not encountered elsewhere.

The suffocating heat, the arid air, the sun that beats down unmercifully and reflects off the sand, burning your skin.

Those who live in the desert know how necessary it is to hydrate from the inside out. What you eat, drink and how you dress in the desert all are important things to take into consideration.

Below, a list of tips to make your life in the desert a bit easier.

Life in the desert: tips
Woman walking on a sand dune by the city.

Desert Living Tips

Drink lots of water

This one is fairly obvious, right? Yet I assure you that although we all know how important it is to hydrate, people never drink enough, especially in hot desert environments.

Constant hydration is really essential. You can equip yourself with a thermal bottle or cooler bag to keep the water a bit cool.

Never drink ice-cold water when you are hot! It is better to drink room temperature or cool water to avoid getting sick.

Drink even when you are not thirsty and always prefer water to other beverages, especially those containing alcohol or caffeine.

Take warm or hot showers, never freezing!

People often think that a cold shower is the best way to cool off. In reality, a hot or lukewarm shower is much more useful because it doesn’t cause the body to react to the shock of freezing water and heat up.

It’s better to cool off with a regular shower, because you’ll always be cooler than before anyway!

Eat light

Another tip that seems obvious and trivial, but it’s worth repeating. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, greens and light foods rich in water: the heat may cause yout to experience an upset stomach, and you may not want to eat hot meals and soups.

Keep your snacks healthy and try not to binge or eat too heavily, and avoid salty foods that are going to make you thirsty.

Dress properly

The best way to dress in the desert is to cover yourself with light clothing and especially cotton.

Covering up is better than walking around half-naked because our skin is the largest part of the body and uncovering often does not help.

Avoid heavy makeup and even metal jewelry or accessories, which could get hot and burn you in the strong sun.

Always wear sunscreen and sunglasses

The sun is very strong and in addition to the heat you run the risk of getting sunburnt. You will end up sweating non-stop so it’s crucial to wear strong sunscreen.

In addition, better to use light products and little oily as after sun or after bath. And don’t forget to protect your eyes as well with a pair of desert sunglasses.

Do activities at the right time

Avoid going out at the hottest times. If you want to go for a walk or do outdoor sports, that is, if you must, I would say before 5 am. But it will still be hot… The best times for any type of desert activity like dune surfing and dune bashing is either at sunrise or sunset.

If you are by the sea, go there after 6pm at night. You will see a lot of people going to the beach at that time. Sea water will be super hot anyway, but usually the breeze helps a little bit.

Sea water is very salty especially in the summer, so it’s best to make use of showers whenever you get a chance before heading to bed.

Embrace Desert Nightlife

Despite the intense daytime heat, desert nights can be surprisingly cool and magical.

Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and venture out to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the desert under the starlit sky.

You can indulge in stargazing, listen to the sounds of nocturnal creatures, or simply bask in the peaceful ambiance.

Stay chill in the desert - air and water coolers

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